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Seattle Manual Therapy

Empowering Your Recovery with Manual Therapy

Step into any of our GO PT locations, and you’ll find a full range of recovery equipment.

While each is useful and certainly has its place in patient treatment, a simple tool lies at our clinics’ core: the expert hands of our doctors.

Manual therapy can be one of the most effective techniques woven into recovery plans. Just like it sounds, it’s a hands-on approach. There are no machines or devices, only your doctor’s precise and highly skilled hands that move and adjust your body. 

At GO PT, we give the highest level of personalized care possible. Manual Therapy allows our therapists to focus on the patient, down to the slightest adjustment or detail.

Of the thousands of patients we’ve treated over the last decade, we recognize that no two bodies are similar, and no two injuries are either. Successful treatment must be molded and adapted to every patient who enters our doors.

The Benefits of Manual Therapy

The body is a complex system of muscles, ligaments, and joints that work together to give us freedom of movement. When everything is aligned and balanced, we can twist, bend, and hinge in a thousand different ways without pain or limitation.

When our bodies undergo trauma, such as surgery or years of repetitive wear-and-tear movements, they can be thrown off balance. 

When that happens, Manual Therapy can help by providing:

  • Pain Reduction: Alleviating pain by targeting specific areas of discomfort and reducing muscle and joint tension, leading to immediate relief. 
  • Improved Mobility: Increasing your range of motion by loosening tight muscles and stiff joints, making movements smoother and less painful.
  • Enhanced Healing: Improving circulation in treated areas means faster and more effective healing.

Our Approach to Manual Therapy

Personalized care is never rigid and fixed.

The approach must be flexible, matching each patient’s progress and unique path to recovery. Regular feedback between patient and therapist is essential, which is why we value this aspect of Manual Therapy and its ability to enable ongoing, open dialogue between them.

Choosing GO PT for Manual Therapy Offers:

  • Expertise from therapists trained in manual therapy methods
  • Personalized treatment programs tailored to your specific needs
  • A supportive atmosphere that promotes healing and well-being
  • Resources and exercises for post-therapy to help avoid further injury

The refined touch of our therapists can play a pivotal role in your recovery, and we make sure each patient receives focused, hands-on care for optimal healing.

Forgive the pun, but you’re in good hands at GO PT.

If you’re looking for personalized manual therapy and treatment…

Our team of providers can help you rediscover the joy of unrestricted movement.

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