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Seattle Work Injury Treatment & Therapy

Quality Care & Treatment For Work-Related Injuries

Getting hurt at work is more than just a physical setback. It’s a major disruption that can cause us to miss work and miss-out on our personal lives too.

Work injuries can happen in all types of professional environments, from the office to a job site, and can range from minor sprains to significant trauma. Regardless of vocation, any issue that impairs your health and ability to perform and earn needs to be handled with expert care and guidance.

Over the last decade, GO PT has seen and successfully treated over a hundred patients who have been hurt on the job. Every injured worker who walks through our doors can expect to receive compassionate care and a committed therapist to help them return to working, living, and performing their best again.

Why get treatment sooner rather than later?

A big factor in how fast someone can recover is how soon they get treatment after getting hurt. The longer the delay, the higher the chances of long-term complications and chronic issues, which can significantly add to your time away from work. When it comes to starting treatment–the sooner, the better.

Helping Patients Understand Policies Around Work Injuries

Dealing with medical claims through Labor & Industries (LNI) can be complex and challenging. It gets more complicated when combined with other health insurance or disability benefits, creating a web of policies that can be daunting to untangle.

Our clinics not only staff extraordinary providers but also have a knowledgeable team of administrators who can help you understand your benefits, insurance terms, and required medical documentation to process your claim. We are dedicated to helping you make sense and get the most out of your care.

Our Approach to Work Injury Treatment and Therapy

At GO PT, we recognize that no two work injuries are the same, and every patient’s path to recovery is unique.

Your recovery will begin with an in-depth conversation with your dedicated provider, who will carefully listen and observe, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your injury, the type of work you do, and how to get you back to performing your best.

Dealing with a work injury and the stress it brings is hard enough–finding a quality treatment plan shouldn’t have to be one of them.

If you’re looking for work injury therapy and treatment…

We’re ready to help you return to the workplace with mobility, strength, and and knowledge to prevent re-injury.

Click the button below and we’ll get your healing journey started.

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